Saturday, September 12, 2009

September Beach Trip

I'm sooooooo behind. Behind on blogging, behind at the office, behind on house work, behind in my life. I don't know if anyone even has time to chack my blog anymore, but at least every so often I put up a few teasers!! For today, here's a small sampling of the beach trip pix. Other than there was no sun, and therefore VERY little actual BEACH time, it was a good trip. MM of COURSE was the star of the show and loved every minute of every day at the "BEEEG WATER".

(yes, most of these shots aren't MM's best. He's suddenly become camera shy. Or more like, he acts like a celebrity when you pull the camera out: "no. no pictures". And he coveres his face with his hands. Honest to god! He's a born star!!)

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