Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Not the first time I've posted this as a working title to my blog. and likely not the last. I am SOOO not in the mood to blog. I have nothing good to say about our adoption (other than my son is wonderful, but getting bigger. he's already 6 mo. old!!). I'm in an uber funk thinking we won't travel in January. And likely not in Feb either, based on the Tet holiday, and other misc. information our agency is VERY VERY slow to share...but who REALLY knows. I've been so blue about China, that I've TRIED REALLY REALLY hard NOT to get that way over this one, but some days (read: this whole year so far) I just can't think about why we aren't traveling, and how damn long everything takes.

I'm working a lot, playing a little, and sleeping when I can. My goal for this January and February is to finish Minh's room, and stay active. I've got social events planned weeks in advance, and I am also going to try to remain positive...mostly.

As for me, well, I'm excited about a work trip I leave for tomorrow. The outer banks!! Almost as good as a paid vacation!! I'll be schlepping around a few golf courses for research purposes, and spending the rest of the time relaxing at the beach. Rough, huh?? I'll be back on Friday, but likely won't post anything... although I do have my camera with me and might snap some pix. We shall see.

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Kathryn said...

GOOD News - they got their Vietnam approval, so at least you know it's happening!
Unfortunately, news from China isn't good, but what's new, right?
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!