Friday, March 24, 2006

Ode ta Phil

So, one of my very best friends lives with us. Here, in our tiny house. And no, I don't mean Eden, my adorable fuzzy pooch (although Phil is fuzzy too). I mean Phil. I don't mention him much 'cause I'm trying to protect his privacy, but he was complaining the other day how I never post about him. So here is a post TOALLY dedicated to Phil. That's why I'm calling the post "Ode ta Phil". So, here are some facts you may not care about, or just don't know about Phil: (remember Phil, YOU ASKED FOR IT)

1. He is almost ALWAYS grumpy when he gets out of bed. It always makes me smile.
2. He hates cats, but I have a photo of him with Liza (our torti cat) sleeping on his chest.
3. I've known him since I was a freshman in high school.
4. I would like to erase from his memory the first day he saw me (Boy, was my hair big).
5. He used to live in Californina, and then more recently in Las Vegas.
6. He STILL has Nevada tags on his car.
7. I think he secretly loves to show off his tummy to company.
8. Our first date (in HS!!) had to include a 4 year old I was baby-sitting.
9. Our first date did not go well. Daniel "redecorated" Phil's new truck in a bad way.
10. He's REALLY smart, but likes to play dumb.
11. He talks about guns, but is secretly a hippy.
12. He is a MAJOR WVU fan.
13. He has an invisable fish.
14. He works at Elaine's in Chapel Hill as a cook, and really enjoys his job.
15. He can always be counted on to make us laugh.
16. He can not WAIT to be Baby Magic's uncle Phil.
17. He does a mean T-Rex impression. (ask him!)
18. His bedroom is pink and green.
19. He LOVES to play video games.
20. He is one of the few people in my life I can truely count on.

So, THERE. a post, all about Phil.


Judas said...

You forgot blurry.

Phil's blurry, too.

Jude said...

Blurry Phil

Nesha said...

Right, he's blurry!! ESPECIALLY in the mornings...

Leda said...

Would it make Phil feel better if someone commented on the post about him?

Ok here goes:

"Wow, Phil sounds like a really great guy, you are lucky to have a friend like, ok, he has some pink in his bedroom, how can you hold that against him when he has so many other great qualities?"

All hail Uncle Phil.