Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mamma's got a brand new bag

So, this is very random, but I just thought I'd post it. I have this super cool friend Karen who, on a recent visit, saw my tiny little handbag and asked about it. I told her I'd made it and would love to give her one since I enjoy making them so much. She insisted on giving me money for one (sight unseen!!) and she even raved about them on her blog!! Thanks, Karen, you rock!!

Here's a picture of HER bag (which has already been spoken for), but I'm getting ready to make more if anyone is interested in a nice small WASHING MACHINE friendly handbag, just email me!!


Stacey Teague said...

How much, how much????? Very cute!! I'm selling hairbows!!! Check out my blog, I just decided to today, and it feels VERY strange to be selling something that I made!

Donna & Joe said...

Danesha, I hope you realize that you've started a mini business here! Do you have fabric swatches you can post so we can choose a fabric? Also, how much are you selling them for?

By the way, the bags are darling and I love the fabric on the red one and the one on Karen's blog.

Donna :)

Rebecca said...

These are great!! I want one too.

Lisa & Jeff said...

I love this bag! I saw it on Karen's site and I HAVE to have one! Can you email me

Melissa said...

I saw your bag today. It is so cute. Karen and Gwen came for a visit and she had it with her. I love it!

Elizabeth Penland said...

Hey Danesha, your mom told me about your bags and I had to check them out. Really cute! I must have one. Have some ideas on the material, but have to narrow it down. How do we do this? Love Ya, Elizabeth