Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ok, the bag "skinny"

Ok, so the bags are a hit. Donna, you might be right about the mini-business!! So, here's the deal, the bags are 30 to 40 bucks each depending on the fabric choice (since some fabric is way more expensive than others). I will post a few swatches now, however I prefer to start by working with each person individually. So if you have a "theme" in mind, or a favorite color, let me know. I can email you the choices individually with in your category. A few examples are Asian-themed (like Karen's REALLY cool bag - my personal fav!), CAT CRAZY, beach/tropical, retro, etc. Right now I'm making them "to order", later if this takes off, I'll make them ahead and only sell the ones that are done... so the early birds are the lucky ones!! ;->

I'll have pictures of fabrics examples posted tomorrow (maybe even tonight)...check back and "browse".

And, hey, thanks for helping me pay for our adoption!! You all ROCK!!


Beverly Moore said...

I am interested in a bag but don't see an e-mail address for you specifically. Please e-mail me at for instructions on how to place an order.

Thanks, Beverly Moore
Memphis TN
DD Glenys
(Wuzhou SWI, adopted 7-26-05

Anonymous said...

How much for the bags? there adorable!

Michelle said...

I too, would like a bag. I saw them on Gen's blog and I love them! I love the red asian print on the bottom. Can you tell me the total and send me your adress so I can send payment? Thanks so much!