Monday, July 31, 2006

Fasting and bloodwork

So, a few months ago, I went for some minor bloodwork. I never heard anything back from the doctor so I ASSumed (ahem) that all was well. As it happend the other day I was in the doctor's office and said, "oh, what ever happened with my bloodwork?". She gets it out, and her eyes actually BUG OUT OF HER HEAD. She got all like, "Wow, can this be right?! This is AWEFUL!!". Basically some of the numbers were so high she thought I was either MAJORLY out of whack with my metabolic systems, OR the lab made MAJOR errors when recording. So this morning I am fasting, and then will have new bloodwork done to see WTF is up. It wasn't fun hearing all that, and I am dreading this morning. I'm not ready to start down that road of medical CRAP again. What I'd like is a nice clean bill of health when the doctor says "oh, these are fine. Nevermind. Oh, and lose about 15 pounds and you'll be fine". For heaven's sakes, Tod is still going to HIS doctor for stuff that hasn't quite goettne back to normal after HIS surgery... I suppose I should stop complaining and thank medical science... but I'll do that AFTER my lab work come back, thank you very much.

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BMA said...

out of whack blood work -- or what it indicates -- could account for your "kind of depressed" AND your weight gain. It might be the best news you could get. "It's not my fault that I gained weight, it's my metabolism." Go with the flow and see what you learn.