Thursday, August 03, 2006

"How much do they charge?"

I actually GOT this question today. Funny, I had just read a friend's post about how people ask uber dumb questions to people adopting, and I had been thinking how fortunate I was that I get very few (so far)... but today it happened. I was in the docotr's office and a nurse I'd never seen had my chart. She noticed that my doctor had written in my chart that we were adopting from China (she, my doctor, LOVED the term "paper pregnant" so she wrote that down!). Here's how it went:

nurse "So, you're adopting from China?"
me: "yes."
nurse: "Is it easy (to adopt) from there?"
me: (WTF??!!!) "um. well...I guess so. If you are married and willing to go through the very long fairly invasive process."
nurse:"How much do they (read:China) charge for the babies?"
me: totally dumb-struck. " mean, how much does the entire process cost, in dollars? A bit."

anyway, you get the idea. I basically told her I would rather have a child than a brand new car.

Also, my doctor basically told me they would monitor me and see how things go. I'm should try to lose some weight, and excersise more, then come back for more tests. Or I could be put on medication. no thank you. I'll walk my happy ass around the block more often. I want NOTHING TO DO WITH MEDICATION if I can help it. I go back in 3 months for more tests. Goody.


G & G Hadden said...

People are so bold these days! Why would someone even think to ask such a question? Yes I have had this happen to me and more than just once. Now I turn the question around and ask them "Oh, are you interested in adopting?" That usually shuts them up!

Anonymous said...

uggg I have to get my bloodwork done next Friday, and I am dreading it. I hate needles anyway, and needles that come with bad news... that's even worse. I sprained my wrist last weekend (disc golf, of all things) so I also had to get that checked on.

Should have told the nurse you were interested in chinese food so you ordered a kid too. :P I love making ppl's eyes bug out. It gets them out of their routine.