Sunday, January 11, 2009

Helping around the yard ...and a bit on the terrible two's

So, I suspect but do not know, that the "terrible two's" as they are called, don't necessarily begin AT two. [Moms, can I get an "Hell yeah"?] I fear we may just be entering that TERRIBLE TWO Phase...My son, whom I ADORE and is easily the most WONDERFUL little man on the face of the planet, is just now 18 months old. And last night, I think we got a taste of what is to come in the coming months and days. In the course of about 30 minutes; Uncle Phil was used as a human trampoline and monkey-bar set (apparently the soft bits on boys are the BEST ones to jump on if you are an 18 mo old tornado), the dog was used as a drum to test MM's new stix, DH's beer was used to "decorate" the wall, the couch, Uncle Phil, the carpet, AND the baby (the beer that M flung managed to COVER all this in one amazing arc. It was AWESOME to watch...but very very messy!), dinner was eaten and then promptly spit back with M then looking at me and asking "more? more?", every toy box was emptied of its contents and somehow strewn into every room, nook and cranny in the house, AND each of our six (yes, 6) remote controls were systematically thrown on the floor and stomped on... fortunately we had no lasting casualties.

I am sorry to say I was so happy to get the little Minute Man to bed last night that he went to bed with out a bath. When he woke up this morning he smelled like a frat boy - beer and pee dominated - so into the shower he went before we even let our bok-bok's out.

Today he has been a true charm, other than every time we fill the dog food bowls, he empties them out...but that's ok. The dogs aren't fussy about where they eat their food, as long as the HAVE it!! Anyway, I'm tired just thinking about last night, and so, will leave you with some pix from this a.m.


Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you, but as a mom of two former little tots, the three's were worse than two's for us! Hang on to your seat, mom, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! :P

BMA said...

Looking at those pictures, I do believe I can see a bit of the devil in those eyes. This cannot be my grandson. A mistake has been made. Or else, it's a changeling.

amy said...

I love your honest posts..I alos love these pics

Uncle Jude said...

My nephew is ahead of the curve!

Actually, he looks like he took lessons from Uncle Jude on how to start trouble. ;)