Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring is coming!

It has to be true. The weather here today is lovely. Just abso-frikin'-tastic. I was so pleased to come home today (a little early even!!), and just have NOTHING TO DO!! Well, for a few hours, anyway. I do have yoga class tonight, but...I have som many options. Do I walk my dogs (they say yes!!)?, do I throw open the windows and clean (I say, no way!!)? Do I sit in my back yard and read a book..for FUN?! What I'd like to be doing is woking in my garden, but there's nothing to DO but pull weeds right now, and I am not interested in weed-icide right now... Frankly, I think I'll take a cup of tea, my book, and a comfy chair, and sit on my patio and sleep... Sigh. Life's good.

Also, thanks again to my June DTC Secret Pal. Look at all the cool goodies she sent for Baby M!!! I hope you are right. I hope we are ALMOST THERE!!! (In fact, we are 9 mo down from DTC as of March 15!! I hope the worst of it is over.)

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Linda said...

Good thing you got a bigger house so that you have room for all the fine baby girl items you have been collecting!