Monday, June 11, 2007

Vietnam, HERE WE COME!!!

So, I did it. I sent in our first program fee. Now, the whole process is becoming real (mainly b/c the check was a big one!! But now, our agency starts working for us, and also towards helping our future child's birth-mother stay healthy as she prepares to have our child). When I get the dossier prep- packet, I'll let you know what we're looking at for documents. I'm so excited, and a little overwhelmed, but honestly, I've done this once before. It'll be a breeze compared to China's dossier!!

I dreamed about Vietnam last night...and FYI; our baby is going to be ADORABLE!!

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Linda said...

Adorable, and brilliant, no doubt. You'd better brush up on your algebra! They say Asian kids have terrific math skills.