Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hey Bloggy People

Just posting briefly to mention I'm out of town at a friend's wedding this weekend, then I leave immediately for "over-seas". I likely won't be blogging anytime soon (unless I can squeeze one in Sunday with wedding pix). I am feeling better today after hearing back from our program director (the little note in green in the last post). And hell, I'm gone a week in October, and then another week in November! That'll keep me from thinking about referrals.

'Sides, the way referrals HAVE been going is that they get them at roughly the very end of the month (or first week or so of the new month). That means I need to just hold out until late October...Maybe early November before I start bitching again. Ok, I can do that. (Honest!!)

Today's also 2 months since our name went on the list for VN. And while I know it's only been 2 months since we officially began our wait for Baby V, we've really been waiting for over 16 months for our first child to come to us. While it makes the wait for Baby Magic easier, it also makes the wait for Baby V that much harder. (Ok, really. I'll stop complaining.)

So, in an attempt to blog about something that isn't The Wait, I had a very interesting dream last night. It was one of those that you wake up form and you totally think it happened (you know what I mean? like one where you had a fight with your spouse, so you wake up pissed at your poor husband who is all like, What I do??... ). Anyway, this one was a totally plausible one where I was at home and got a random phone call from my EX-BFF, Beth. In my dream she needed me for some life-crisis thingy, so we kissed and made-up, and I helped her out. It was so realistic that I woke up and had thought that it REALLY DID HAPPEN. Then I told Phil about it, and he reminded me it wasn't actually REAL... oh, yeah. 'Cause for a minute I was going to call her and be all "Hey, how ARE you?"... but alas, not only do I not have her number anymore, but she doesn't return emails either. (Aha- another dead-horse-topic I kick to death, huh?).

And one LAST thing. Despite all my whining (it IS my Blog after all!!), life is actually really grand. Our house is better than ever (come see it, if you haven't!!), Tod's teacher training is going great, UP is actually (almost) dating (more on this another time!), and we're all pretty happy. I LOVE the Fall.

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Kathryn said...

Have a blast at the wedding and a fantastic trip!! See you soon:)