Monday, October 29, 2007


Had a nice weekend. Threw a dinner party on Saturday; another Mystery Dinner one. Will post pictures soon.

Annoyed at the new changes to the VN program made by our CIS, and haven't figured out yet if or how we'll be affected and what the F to do about it. Somehow we are ALWAYS ALWAYS in the wrong step at the wrong time... what a hassle. The amazing news for me is still that I am amazingly calm over this. Worse yet I was told it "could" take up to 6 months to travel to the orphanage where M is. Our agency hasn't told us this, so I'm pretending I didn't hear it. However, when I get really sad, or annoyed with the process, I just look at M's picture... (as an aside, is he not the cutest little - ahem, BIG - boy you have ever seen??!!). I have a son. He's my baby. I love him more than anything in the world. I WILL get to him.

I'm thinking of a post I'd like to write on the China process...I've been hearing more and more that pisses me off about the way things are going (how people are having to drop out, etc.)... sad. Anyway, later this week, I'll post on that.

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amy said...

I have to see more pics of your Mystery Dinner.I would so fail at them..Looking forward to you China process post