Friday, December 21, 2007

Misc. Friday

Just some miscellaneous for you on this Friday afternoon (I'm at work, what more can I say?).

Books on my nightstand:
1) Attaching in Adoption (I've started it but haven't gotten very far, should be a GREAT book)
2) Travel Guide to Vietnam - says very little about Minute's City, but has
maps, and is a beautiful book about a beautiful country.
3) Last Child in the Woods - looks like a fantastic read, I plan to read it
soon too!.

I've also just received something WONDERFUL in the mail; a DVD of my son laughing, giggling, and being AMAZINGLY cute. If I figure out how to post it, I will. Some people (Miss Betty!) will get to see it as soon as I get back into town, promise!!

It's been an amazing ride, folks. Last year at this time I was sad b/c we thought we'd have Baby Magic already, and the process had slowed down so much my heart was breaking. I had NO IDEA what this year would bring. 6 months later, my son was born. I didn't "meet" him until October, but I remember the weekend of his birth very well as it was the same time my brother was married! A very special time indeed. This Christmas is going to be a special one, and next Christmas will be even MORE special. Actually, this Valentines' day should be more special, 'cause I do hope to have Minute home by then!!!

So for all of you out there waiting on your precious little ones, know that it DOES HAPPEN, and it WILL happen for you. We don't always know when or how, but sometimes, when you least expect it, miracles just have a way of working their way into our lives. Just like magic.

Happy holidays, y'all. Stick around next month, it's going to be a BEAUTIFUL year!

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