Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Catching up

Now that the initial freak-out of Tod's surgery is over, and my exhaution at the end of each day is just beginning to abate, I thought I'd post briefly. First off, Tod's doing great. His energy is good, and he can't stop talking about all the things he wants to donow that he's feeling better. He still sleeps a lot, and needs to limit his activites everyday, but all in all, progress is being made. His chest "wound" is healing well, and much of the bruising is going away. In fact, I'm still surprised when I see it. It is both aweful and "not that bad" at the same time. Strange how your perceptions change so dramatically.

As for me, I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep. I'm perpetually exhausted it seems. It's all I can do to get the daily chores done, and remain pleasant. This weekend will proove my greatest challenge yet, and I hope I have recoverd SOME before my Mother in Law arrives. Otherwise... well, I might be spending long periods of time at the office.

Good wishes continue to pour in. Thank you all. I have been very behind with my email correspondence, and haven't thanked everyone individually yet. I will get to that. I keep thinking that each night will be th enight I sleep ENOUGH to allow me to wake fresh withough feeling just as tired as I went to bed...but not yet. As a consequence, I haven't had the energy for email, or anything really. I'm trying to write my dissertation in the "down" time, but so far, it's been woefully slow going. I had no idea staying home taking care of my honey would be this difficult. Well, ok, it's not difficult. it's exhausting. And I don't mind (i wouldn't have anyone else do it that's for sure!!) but it is more work than I thought. I just had no idea what to expect, but it wasn't this.

Ok, I'm done. Maybe I'll even try catching a nap while Tod is asleep. Generally, I don't nap, but today MIGHT be the day where I finally get enough...maybe. Or maybe not. Eitherway, we're both still here, and that's what counts!


Singlemommydom said...
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Singlemommydom said...

You are just practicing for motherhood. Once your daugther is home you catching up on sleep will become a life long goal!! Glad to hear that Tod is doing so well!! Hugs and prayers are going out to you both!!