Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just a quickie

So, I just want to say how much I appreciate my friends. I have been "dumped" (for lack of a better term) by three close friends in the last year, and one of those people was my dearest bestest friend for almost 10 years...and I don't keep a lot of friends close b/c I tend to have one or two REALLY good friends, rather than a bunch of so-so friends. HOWEVER, recently, with the death of one good friendship and the fact that another one of my dear friends left the perfectly wonderful South for the icky and cold Mid-west (hee hee, I'm teasing, JT!!), I started trying to branch out. I've posted once before about how cool my friends are, and I'm doing it again. I am so blessed to haver truly wonderful people who are willing to be "there" for me. Not only Tod and Uncle Phil of course, but mainly my girlfriends (b/c I really do have the greatest gals in town on my social list!!). Yesterday I had a crappy work day, and a very wonderful one of my girlfriends agreed to chill out and have a cuppa' with me. As usual, my phone rang non-stop, and I was a total mess, but she hung in there with all my craziness. And I think she may even agree to get coffee again sometime!! (or possibly shopping??!!). I'm just really really lucky.

On a totally unrelated note, the weather here is absolutly FANTASTIC, and even though I spent 2 hours sitting in the grass at work today (clipping grass with scissors), it was still just beautiful. I didn't even MIND sitting in the grass, looking stupid, cutting 40 envelopes worth of grass... ok, I didn't mind MUCH... Ah, the things we do in the name of science....

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Brooke said...

Anytime! It was great to get to hang out with you for a little bit. You're the one who deserves thanks for hanging in there with me while I was dealing with my cranky 2 year old. (ice cream cures all!) Looking forward to some "retail therapy" soon. =)