Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm baaack

No time this week to post, I'm afraid. I was at the conference, but spend all my time "occupied". We were at the beach, and I barely even SAW the water, much less got to GO to the beach. I was in meetings all day, the wining and dining in the evenings. It was a good time; lots of rubbing elbows with the right people, meeting new people, etc. etc. etc. but it left me tired and I didn't get nearly enough sleep. But over all it was a good trip. I'm home now, but frantically trying to finish the stuff I need to for my Australia trip. I have 4 presentations to do, although really I only have to write 3 and modify the 4th. HOWEVER, I am supposed to go over my work with my boss #1 (Taz) today, and I am uber stressed out b/c not only is it not done, but what is done isn't very good. I am considering 1) joining the circus as a tight-rope walker or 2) running away to New Mexico or Arizona and becoming an accountant. I'm on the fence currently, but I for SURE know I do not want my boss to see this talk today!!!

Boss #2 is supposed to see all my talks on Wednesday. ALL OF THEM. And he doesn't "help get them done". He picks them apart or says they are ok. HE doesn't make them flow better, or help with them at all, so they have to be TIGHT by Wednesday. At least Taz will help "fix" what's wrong with the crappy presentation; the only problem is that I have to give it to him TODAY. EEEK. I am starting to get a little bit stressed out.

I leave for Australia on July 11th. So far, we have absolutely NO WORD about the adoption. We did have a conference call last Wednesday, but as suspected, we learned nothing. I need to reiterate here that our agency is WONDERFUL. The people who are working to help out those of us who are "blocked" are WONDERFUL. However, we are up against one of the biggest, stupidest, most bloody-minded governmental agency in the freakin' world. They are not only jerking US around, but they are even jerking around the offices of the senators who are trying to help, and every agency involved. I will no be surprised, of course, if we get "The Call" to leave for Vietnam the day I'm supposed to leave for Australia. What the F do I do then?? I simply CAN NOT get out of this trip. Besides, I have a first class ticket that my company has already paid for and I REALLY REALLY want to be able to use it! I guess if we get the call while I'm over there, I'll just jump on a plane and fly over, meet The Minute, sign the paperwork, and then hop back over to my conference in Australia. This trip to Australia, this conference, is a once in a life-time kind of thing. I simply CAN NOT MISS IT. But then, so is adopting my son, right? Spending time at his orphanage, spending time shopping/touring in his home city, watching him as he gets to know us....

Well, stressing out isn't going to do anything; I know this. HOWEVER, I think about this every day. I don't know what I'm going to do. Part of me hopes we have to wait until I get back to pick up The Minute. At least then I won't have to worry about leaving everything to DH! And I won't miss a minute (ha!) of meeting The Minute.

Anyway, this topic still weighs heavily on my mind. I'm pretty raw these days. Yesterday, I dropped by my boss' house to drop off some fresh eggs for him and his wife. His wife was there, and she very kindly asked me about the adoption, and how it was going... I nearly started crying RIGHT THERE on the spot. Talk about embarrassing!! She would have totally understood (she's also an adoptive parent), but STILL!!! I AM SO TIRED OF WAITING. I am going to miss my son's first birthday, and I can't do a DAMN thing about it....


BMA said...

As you have had to remind me...there will be many more birthdays. I am sad to miss his first one, as well, but good things are worth waiting for, right?
Minh will be so special to all of us, maybe even more so because of the delay.
And I plan to move in lock-stock-and-2-smoking-barrels, to help remediate his language delay so, no problems!!
Hang tough, Little Mama

Jill said...

You stay down under and get to him as best you can. It sounds hard it will be hard but the reality is he does not know what he is missing only you and while that makes it very hard on you not so much on him. One would think I could teach my self that as well. :hug: