Monday, May 14, 2007

All right, all right

Ok, ok. I'm fessing up. We have:
  1. Desided to adopt from a second country (not a huge surprise, as I've been mentioning this for a little while).
  2. Choosen the country...and no, we opted to NOT go with Taiwan. We've chosen Vietnam. (I'll go into this in for detail later!). Much of it has to due to wait times.
  3. Considered "bio" kids, but this is a can of worms I'm not willing to go into on the blog. Sufice to say, we are very pleased that we are able to begin a second adoption so that we will become parents sometime in the next year, even though China's wait times have increased.
  4. Not agreed when to begin. I have the paperwork on the way from our agency (already chosen), but due to financial concerns, DH would like to wait to officially begin. I, on the otherhand, would in no way like to continue waiting any longer than I have to. I want to get started today!
I'll post the details later. The process is a little different, the wait times (with some agencies) are long, some are shorter. Some agencies allow you to choose the sex of the child, some don't... I'll get back to this today or tomorrow.

A word to everyone:
We are very happy about this choice. We are very disapointed that China has slowed down, so that we must wait on Baby M for another year or more...but we are choosing adoption as our FIRST CHOICE. We are in no way sad that we haven't had "bio" kids or that that was our first choice and adoption was a "second best alternative" ('cuz for us, this in NOT the case). If you even for one second think we are making a mistake or you don't agree with our choice(s); keep it to yourself. We are VERY VERY ready to be parents, and we want our children to know they are loved, and that they are our FIRST CHOICE of a way to grow our family. We do hope to eventially have "bio" kids...when that happens, that will be our choice also.


Shelba said...

Congratulations on deciding to adopt from Vietnam! That is great news! I hope you can get your way and start paperchase #2 TODAY!

Nesha said...

Thank you, Hon. As we say down South, "Bless Your Heart".

Bosley said...

Woohoo! You are an inspiration. Congratulations to the Mother-"two"-be!

Linda said...

So, how soon can I expect to have the baby quilt ready? :^)