Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Started officially...Vietnam here we come

So, we've officially started our second adoption.
  • Agency - Check
  • New I-600A for fingerprints sent in - Check
  • Home Study (#2!!) set up - Check
  • Books on new country - Check
  • Freaked out about money - Check and Check.
We're on our way. The only thing holding us up on our dossier at this time is our damned fingerprints. USCIS is SOOOO slow, and we can't send in our dossier officially until we have that piece of paper. Ironically, we HAVE an I-171H already, BUT, we need on for Hanoi, not Guanzhou!!

We have our HS paperwork nearly done, and should have that scheduled by the end of next week. We can update our China HS at the same time, an amazing stroke of good luck! (The first, and probably last we've had/ will have).

We should have our fingerprint appointment in Charlotte sometime in...August, maybe? I'd be super pleased if we could get that done sooner, but we should find out in about 3 weeks, and as always, I'll keep y'all posted.

In the mean time I'm keeping busy reading some new books about a new country (!!), and doing a bunch of sewing. Wait until I post pix of my new bag!! It's SOOOO beautiful! Unfortunately, as with my favorites, I sold it already. sigh. However, I'm going next week (for my birthday!!) to my fav quilt store and I'm buying NEW MATERIAL that will be for a diaper bag FOR MY NEW BABY!! I can't wait to see what I pick out!!

As for anyone out there in blog land that is in need of a uber cool bag, or a super nice gift, email me!! I need some new orders! (Want to see the bags? Check my little links to the Right over there on the side.)

Ok, off to beddie-bye for me. I'll post some more later this week. Be sure to keep in touch!

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Melissa said...

That's awesome. I didn't think it was possible to pursue two countries at the same time. That's wonderful! Good luck to both of you and on both journeys.