Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I took a picture of Tod's new chest "redecoration". He wanted me to post it. I did, even though I didn't really want to. It is below. If you are at ALL squimish, DO NOT LOOK AT IT.

As for new developments:
Tod's still in the hospital. His heart is still too fast. He's been put on yet another round of medications to attempt to "fix" it. His spirits are still very good, although he's finally wearing down in energy. He's likely to be in the hospital another 24 hours minimum. Possibly longer.


This picture was taken 4 days after surgery. He's actually looking pretty good. Esp. since you can't see the rest of the incisions (covered with bandages). The green things on his lower right (actually HIS left) with the little blue wires hanging on, and running into his chest: those are called "pace wires". They run directly to his heart. This is b/c his own internal pacemaker in his heart hasn't started working again. And if his heart stops, they have to be able to jump-start it quickly. .. And yes, that's how he walks around. No bandages over the chest wound. Wide open, although it is coated with derma-bond (super glue).


Melissa said...

That doesn't look so bad. It does look very uncomfortable though.

Nesha said...

I guess "not so bad" is certainly in the eye of the beholder!! I agree, it could have been WAY worse. And in fact, the surgeon said this should heal up nice and small... All in all, he got off lucky!