Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yet another doctor's appointment

Well, Tod headed off to yet another doctor's appointment today. I think the total count is 5 as the number of doctor's he's seen in the last month and a half...The poor man looks like a pin cushion from all the needles they stick in him. We have one more pre-op appointment on Monday, and then he heads in for surgery on Tuesday.

I don't know much about the surgery, other than he goes in at 10:30, and the surgery will take all afternoon. I am blessed by such great people that I don't think I'll have to think much while I am waiting at the hospital. I'll have a number of people taking care of me. It also helps to know that Tod'll have a TON of experienced people taking care of him too.

On an up note, we have our FINAL homestudy visit tomorrow night. I
hope it goes well. Tod and I discussed our options as far as disclosing the up-coming surgery or not, and well, he felt honesty was the best policy. So, we will share this with our social worker, and hope that Tod's surgeon can write a REALLY good follow-up letter to go into our file. I wanted to put off telling them as long as possible, but he was too stressed out about the thought of keeping somehting like that a secret. Besides, imagine if it just slipped out!!

social worker: "what was your most traumatic expereince in your relationship?"
Tod: "oh, you know, last month, when we found out I had to have heart surgery."
social worker: "um, ok. Did I see that in my notes? huh. no, I don't think so. What the @#!!?"

Um, no. Not good. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that They (yes, with a capital T) will accept our paperwork in light of recent events.

Ironically, if it hadn't been for the adoption paperwork, it might not have even been discovered that Tod's heart was only functioning at about 50%. Who knows how much worse it COULD have gotten. Say what you will about the tedium of this process, but thank goodness we had to have these medical forms signed!!

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