Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, and....

Oh, I also forgot to mention, we received our NEW I-171H for China today. Our fingerprints were taken on July 24th. Now we have (so far) successfully navigated the US Government Homeland Security Citizen and Immigration Services mine-field... Another (minuscule) victory. Of course, we very well may need to re-do our i-171H for China based on this depressing statistic:

On 8/24/06, the CCAA released referrals for the dates of 7/14-7/22/05. Now here it is over a year later - and they have not yet finished NOVEMBER 2005! So, it took a full year to cover 4 months of referrals.

Now let's see how long it takes them to RENEW our ORIGINAL I-171H (which was for China, but remember we switched it to VN?)... just in time to have it expire. So, I sent the renewal package out yesterday. I think they said it should only take 2 weeks, but who knows how long it will REALLY take??!!

And pppssst. our agency called me to make extra extra sure the original one - for VN- was good through October 2007. You know, so when we get our REFERRAL (!!!!!) it's good to go.

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