Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pix of SP gifts

Aren't my gifts the BEST?! Stuff I didn't even KNOW existed, and something that doesn't show up in the pictures are the awesome notes she sends with the gifts! (Oh, and see, I opened the DVD last. It looks like a really cool one. I don't have anything like that, and wouldn't even think to buy one...but you make some excellent points with the concept of using it for some parental quiet time!).

Also shown here is my favoritest puppy dog "helping"me make Baby M's OHGWQ (or, rather, ONE of Baby Magic's OHGWQ's... that's One Hundred Good Wishes Quilts for all you not-in-the-know folks out there). This one is all from June Buggers (Kelly, look on the right side, 4th one down!! I had the EXACT right number with yours in there!!).

I'd like to make one for Baby V (that's V as in Vietnam, not V as in 5, BTW. Not very creative I'm afraid, but we've got names picked out and no we're not sharing.), but haven't felt inspired to do a OHGWQ. I do think I have the nursery "theme" picked out. I don't need to be all matchy-matchy but I think for this theme I'm making a quilt (I have the BEST fabric, will have to take a picture to share), I have a mobile over the changing table, and have bought this bedding. Our furniture is white, so I think this will go nicely!


Heather C. & Keira said...

Great gifts, wish Keira had one of those no throws...I would hook it around kitty cat's head because I'm so tired of having to pick him up when she tosses him.

Kelly said...

I'm glad you like them . . .and that you are happy with practical gifts, too. There's so much stuff out there that makes daily life easier with kids. Baby Einstein won't make our kids geniuses, but it may make them happy and quiet for short periods -- which benefits everyone:) For Heather, you can get a No Throw at I love them!

Your quilt is beautiful! My pieces are still in a box.

Sorry I was so late -- again! Puntuality is not one of my finer traits.