Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Checking in

Just saying howdy. I'm pretty busy with, surprise, work. I haven't been doing much of anything but work, work, work, think about Minute, work, work, wonder when CIS will get off their butts and let us travel, work, AND work. I worked ALL weekend. I'm tired of the work week and it's only TUESDAY. Friends of mine got together for an all girl-all Vietnam baby/toddler play date. The girls all looked so freaking cute!! I am green with envy. I want one. Not a girl, necessarily, but one of those adorable kids of my very own... Tod's been moping around the house for days saying "I am READY now to be a dad..." It seems like everyone's doing it these days, actually. I'm going through the phase again where I can be around kids/babies and not get too bummed out that I don't have the Minute yet... but it's still hard on me. And now Tod! I am SOOOO sick of this stupid wait. (Can I get a count for those of you out there who say this 1000 times a DAY?) Seriously, people. It STINKS.

Wow, what a drag I've become. I think I need a mental health day. Anyone out there want to go shopping with me this weekend? I promise to talk about how much I hate CIS and the stupid Wait only 5 times an hour.... anyone? I do sound like fun right now, don't I? Ok, maybe not so much.

Oh well, I guess I should get back to.... WORK. Ug.

Jen, where are you when I need a SERIOUS coffee break, girlfriend?!!

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Jenny said...

I have friend in from NY this weekend and next but Maybe I could met you on sunday for coffee? Or you can come here in the am for coffee, conor has soccer so I will be on my own. Or maybe next friday for coffee in the am? (it is good friday and conor is off work). email me at google....J