Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Mom" mode

So, over the week, something freakish got into me...I felt it starting about 2 weeks ago when
I met for coffee with a good friend of mine (check her out!) and she was telling me how she was expecting to have an infant in her home soon...and all the STUFF you need. I tried to ignore it at the time, but then last week, I downloaded a list of "must have baby stuff" off-line and started glancing at it over the week. Then, the coolest thing happened. My UBER cool "secret pal" sent us a box of MUST HAVE BABY STUFF!! She must be a mind reader, 'cause she sent me a "starter-set" of baby stuff! So, I have a few items to check off my list. I can't tell you how cool it is to actually start collecting this stuff. I've had to put China out of my mind now, and being able to focus on a baby, and a country again has helped my emotional state a lot. And now that we are roughly 7 months from bringing home a little one, I can legitimately start collecting "Stuff" again. In fact, since we have very little, we need a lot. I've been overwhelmed by how much is needed, and frankly, that I have zero actual knowledge about "baby things". My secret pal sent me a box of stuff, and the coolest thing? she put notes on them so I new what to do with them, and tips on how to clean them, or use them... (I have to admit, I actually KEPT the notes taped to the items, so I don't forget!!).

So, for you Mom's out there, what's your list of say, your 5 fav things for your 4-5 month old babies? Or, hell, how about your short list of "must haves". Help me out! I'm armed with a charge card (until DH takes it way ;->) and I'm ready to shop.


Heather C. said...

Keira hated baby swings and most babies from Vietnam I know do don't waste your money on a baby swing. I loved my Jumperoo opposed to an excersaucer. Plus a baby bouncer (loved my Fisher price ocean wonders once) they are great for getting dishes done if you don't plan on wearing all the time or a nice place to feed baby if you don't have a highchair yet, or to catch a shower and keep them close by. Playtex bottles are so much easier with the throw away liners and 99% of vietnamese babies love the clear fast flow nipples (opposed to the brown ones because they are way too soft). Otherwise, carseat, crib/bassinet, stroller. Also a baby activity mat was great but since Keira was 6 mos old she didn't use hers that long (about 2 mos) I loved the Galt activity mats (ok they are actually Galt play nests) Keira learned how to sit up and strenthed her legs in ours...they are pricy but in our case was totally worth it (plus I got our at a yard sale for $20 but I would have paid the $70 the are originally) Heck I could go on and on....just email if you want more from a been there done that mom :)

Jenny said...

Rings that connect to each other, the girls LOVED THOSE when we got them at 5.5 months old.
Jumperoo (have to have, I have one to sell actually) that was by far the girls favorite toy.
Leap frog table without the legs, the girls did belly time and played with and then we added the legs and they love it still 7 months later.

And i will say, my Vietnamese girls WOULD not use the silicon nipples so bring rubber ones, the brown ones, as well. That is all we could ever get them to use rubber slow flow on a playtex drop ins, SLOW flow. (we still use them now at 13 months) In vietnam, depending on the area, the girls had rubber in their orphanage. Actually, we had to buy special NUK bottles to get them to eat in Viet Nam with rubber nipples, and they do NOT cut the nipples OR put cereal in the bottles.

Get the best carseat you can afford and don't be fooled we got the roundabout and then bought marathons, the girls needed the bigger seat.

Best stroller you can afford, 1 umbrella one fullsize regular. You should consider a double, since the babies won't be soo far apart.

booster chair or highchair, we have highchairs but with 2 we had to, they get dirty but the girls love them. We have boosters and we take them to restaurants so not to put them in the highchairs there.

Lots of bowls, sippy cups because they will need to start learning after 6 months, so have them in the house. Nubby were great for that age.

Lots of spoons, with different sizes, materials. Bowls.

LOTS of jammies, ask Karen, she almost died when I only had like 8 pairs. I ended up with 30, so I would say like 12-15 would work. Zipper NOT snap. Late at night you won't want to worry about a snap.

Room darkening shades. Socks. Hats (you have to have your childs head covered at all times in Viet Nam. out in public)


ok...sorry soo long...but this is what I know!