Monday, July 02, 2007

Vietnam - our current paperchase/status update

Here's where we are in our paperchase, for those of you interested.
Paperwork we are "chasing" for:
  • New I-600A/ 1-171H from CIS with embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam - WAITING FOR THIS
  • Local Background checks - done
  • Marriage Certificate - done
  • New Medical forms - done
  • New Employment verification - done
  • Homestudy Update - done
  • Vietnam Application (multiple copies)
  • Vietnam Application to complete a post adoption updates every year for 18 years
  • Color Copies of our Passports
  • New Photos of us, including a photo of the front of the house
  • New passport photos, 3 sets each

The next step is to have all documents notarized and then once this is completed it goes to the NC Secretary of State for authentication. Next, everything goes to our agency, then it gets authenticated, translated, and off to VN.

With the wait getting obscenely long with China, I am trying to get this done as fast as possible, but we are currently hung-up with CIS. We still don't have a fingerprint appointment, and once we do, it'll probably be another 3 months before we can do this. Our 171-H should come fairly quickly after this, but that still puts us nearer to late-August, or early September. The good news? Once our paperwork goes to VN, a referral SHOULD come fairly rapidly (based on what our agency has been telling us, we should expect a referral anywhere from 3-6 months after we send our dossier to VN).

I am still hesitant to get excited for many reasons, but I have been tentatively reaching out to a few families here in our area that have children from VN, or are expecting referrals any day now. I have all but "given up" on China. We weren't pulling our dossier, of course. We're there until they tell us we can not adopt from China, or until they give me Baby Magic, but I just can't keep thinking about it. When I do, I see red. We were fortunate to be with an agency that allows us to adopt in the mean-time while we wait for China to get off it's ass.

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