Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Big Easy

I am in New Orleans... and have obviously NOT learned my lesson when it comes to drinking. Tuesday night (and I mean ALL NIGHT) was spent out and about in the French Quarter - bar hopping and listening to some (strange) good live fusion-rock. A good time WAS had by all, but wow was Wednesday a LONG day. Most of the pictures could be used for blackmail purposes (and have been safely stored elsewhere), so I'm only posting ONE Tuesday night picture (I wonder which one that is...?) and a few other mics. pix from other trips out and about.

I've spent a lot of time in the French Quarter, which is very near to where I'm staying, but I also also spent a morning touring some of the areas that were the hardest hit by Katrina. It was very emotionally draining due to the sadness I felt over the loss of lives, homes, culture, etc., but also amazing to see how the city is slowly coming back. Unfortunately, there are very few "coming back" pictures... since those homes are truly few and far between in much of the worst-affected areas. Pictures include a shot or two from Jefferson Parish, upper and lower ninth ward, the Mighty Mississippi, and other around town shots. As always, the pictures are large, so click on them for a larger and better view. The pictures of the neighborhoods are very typical shots for what I saw over and over and over... Hey, FIMA, you did a heck of a job...who WOULDN'T want to live in that trailer for 2 years?

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