Sunday, November 11, 2007

We are NOT with a NOID agency

For anyone out there in the VN adoption community, or anyone researching VN adoption, I'm just posting quickly to let everyone know that while other adoption agencies are having to close their doors (so to speak), our agency has NOT been flagged as a NOID agency. NOIDs are "notice to deny" possible orphan petitions due to "possibly unethical actions" to be able to get out more referrals. I am first going to say that I have a friend who was with one of these flagged agencies, and I have no doubt that she (my friend) is someone that I believe researched agencies carefully, and would never have gone with an agency she felt was unethical. And furthermore, our agency is not on this list (thank god) and I am remaining somewhat ignorant of all this since I can NOT give anymore energy to worrying or speculating. There's enough of that in the China community, and I've tried to remove myself from that as well.

So, I'm not going to make any further comments on this issue, other than to say, our wait has likely extended due to the over-all atmosphere of unethical adoptions, and questionable practices POSSIBLY going on in VN. However, as I have said before, and I will say it again, if I have to wait an extra month to pick up Minh to make dead sure he's a true orphan and NOT a baby taken under unethical circumstances, I will wait my extra month happily. Or 2. Or how ever long it takes. Our case is fairly cut-and-dry, and those of you with whom I have shared Minh's story know what I mean. There is little doubt that he's a "true orphan", and I'll leave it at that.

With that said, I'll put a new picture up something this week, but don't have high expectations. the pictures are awful. But hey, he's my baby!!

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