Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monday, on a Tuesday UPDATED

I had a very nice weekend, then a good friend of mine came to visit and we had a great Monday together (yes, I actually took the day off!!). However, Tuesday came in a kicked my ass all OVER the place. WOW, what a day*. However, I did get some very good news that I can't share yet 'cause I haven't even told my Mama yet (no, nothing to do with the adoption, sadly). I'll post about it tomorrow or Friday.

Also, we have yet another conference call with our agency today. The last one was so very positive, but then nothing seemed to actually COME of it. I am hesitant to get too excited, but maybe SOMETHING positive will come out this time too. I'll post what I can, but in general, these are pretty hush-hush unless you are on the call, so I try to respect that aspect of the calls. Anyway, I do feel that things ARE probably maybe possibly moving in a forward direction...

"UPDATE": NOTHING TO REPORT. TOTALLY NOT A DAMN THING. TuDu seems to be STILL blocked...while many many people are working very hard to move things along, there is still no movement of paperwork, babies, people, etc.

* I had a hell of a day EARLY on, and was running on VERY little sleep. To make a long story less dull, I had to work in the field yesterday morning. That equates to being outside, getting sunburned, sweating, and getting dirty for about 3 hours. THEN, I had a lunch/business meeting I had to "dress" for for the noon hour. So, I took great pains to change into a nice outfit, complete with really sexy heels. However, AFTER I changed outfits, and shoes, I was told the meeting was postponed until Thursday. Leaving me in my LAB in 3 inch heels. The outfit looked good, yes, but pretty silly since this place is uber casual - like bluejeans, teeshirts, and sandals kind of place. My boss kept laughing at me and asking WHY anyone would torture themselves in that way?! Men just don't get it. Seriously, what's the point of adorable shoes if you never get to wear them?!!! Anyway, I WAY digress.... To add injury to insult, my feet were KILLING me by the end of the day.HOWEVER, somehow I managed to make it though my day, and I can assure everyone reading this that I will NOT be wearing my heels on Thursday to my business meeting. No matter how damn cute they look in the morning!!

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