Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"update" - no news, again

As a brief not-really-update, we haven't heard ANYTHING on the adoption front. I consider that both good and bad news, frankly. I think it's bad that no one has heard anything and no one has received a TA yet, but also good in that MAYBE we will be in that first batch of TA's. My birthday is the end of May, and I would like nothing more than to have Minute come home for my birthday.I don't really see that happening, BUT I'm still trying to remain positive.

We are supposed to have another update call from our agency next week, I think. Maybe there will be some news then. IF there is, or if I hear something sooner, I'll post!! Promise!!

I did go yesterday to stock up on all those misc. supplies the travel/packing lists all say you should take: baby shampoo, lotion, cold medication, teething gel, etc. I've got it all. AND I THINK I have enough clothes to cobble together a 2 week trip. I had to buy socks yesterday, and I still need a pair of sandals for him, but other than that, I have about a full week of clothes (plus some extras like "athletic shorts", swim trunks, and one G&R outfit that is ADORABLE). The kicker is I've been hesitant to pack b/c Minute is right on the edge of wearing 12 month clothes; he's just 10.5 months old now. We haven't gotten a weight/height update in MONTHS, but he was a big kid back when we got the last update, so I expect him to be wearing 12 mo. clothes. I'm afraid to pack ALL 12 mo. clothes, however, in case they are too big, so I've found myself packing a few 9 mo. and a few 12 mo. I figure what doesn't fit, I'll donate, and what ever else I need, I'll buy there! At least packing for me will be easy. I've done this sort of trip before, and I've got it down. It's the Minute I'm trying to focus on now.

Well, life has been pretty quite these days. The chickens are settling in, other than last night it was decided with-out-a-doubt that our little red dog is a chicken eatter, not a chicken ignorer. My Malamute is a chicken ignorer. The Lab is still curious, but likely wouldn't hurt one. I didn't LOSE any last night, but the red dog got into the fence and chased my ladies all over the place! 2 of them wouldn't come back out of the hen house all evening. I hope they aren't scarred (or is that scared?) for life. During the hub-bub of Sheeba trying to have a nice chicken dinner if only they would stop flying away from her; Ede, the Malamute, stood very quietly looking at everyone running around and basically was bored to tears. She couldn't have cared less about the chickens being all over the place and squawking like mad.

Ah, well. Life at Chez Carley-Hatfield. Never ever a dull moment.

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