Monday, August 04, 2008


My little Tazminhian Devil

Get it? Taz-Minh-ian Devil?!

Ok, I can hear your groans from here.

So, today was slow. Melt-down Minh came early, which was actually good, 'cause we got up and out after the melt-down and he's been a champ since. (He REALLY didn't want to wear Carolina blue today, but since we agreed to put on the Wolf-Pack red shorts, it all worked out in the end - see?). We poked around a little more today. I am starting to recognize areas we've been to before which is good. But I am also starting to think much of it is looking the same. Which is bad. We did stop by a neat store today where I finally bought something. So far I haven't really seen anything I felt I wanted or needed... today I bought a blanket made by a Hill-Tribe from the Mountains in this area. It's a fairly big spread for a kids bed, and I think that it will be nice for him to have in a few years.

Now we are just back from our embassy appointment. I had concerns about the appointment; they had us bring all KINDS of financial documents, plus after the paper-work being blocked for so long and all the other BS that has gone into getting us to this point, I was worried what might occur at the appointment... but it took all of 6 minutes. and that includes the wait! They asked us one single question, to which we answered yes, and then said, ok, visa approved! Done and Done!

Minute is hanging out alone-ish (on the floor at my feet) entertaining himself. This is HUGE ;cause usually he wants an audience of 2 people at all times, which has made bathroom trips a little less enjoyable to say the least.... (TMI?? sorry!). But we are all settling in. As new parents, this has been an amazing and trying experience. we have been figuring out as we go, of course, and trying to do what we feel is best. Sometimes that doesn't work as well as we had originally planned. Let me use an example: Amama Mama (aka - Minh's Big Mama L) reminded me of something I had read over and over - feed him one new thing at a time, then wait a few days to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to it before introducing something new. Excellent when you have WF right down the street, but not as practical here when we are running out of baby food!! We are raising Minute as a vegetarian (like us), so the baby food options are limited.

If he had a taste for veal, say, we'd be in high cotton (yes. All the baby food here seems to have veal in it. I shit you not. Veal and potatoes. Veal and pumpkin. Veal and blueberries - ok, yes, I made the last one up). BUT, as for vegetarian fair, that ISN'T berries or egg custard, then we are stuck with a jar here and a jar there. So, when we ate the whole jar of spinach in one sitting, we were scrambling to find something else he could eat. So, here's what he ate when he came to us:
  • Soy formula
  • Rice cereal
  • OJ
The doctor we took him to at the clinic (a medical exam is a requirement before we could apply for the visa) said he was too small (although he was still "normal" - clearly NOT related to my family then, eh?) and we needed to feed him. He IS small. In fact, he's wearing the 6-9 mo clothes I brought for him just fine. He swims in the 12 mo clothes. While someone posted that Minute had more outfits than they did - you have basically seen everything we own that fits this child. Anyway, HE doesn't seen to care if I put him in the same clothes over and over tho! (And actually, we still have some fantastic onsies from some GREAT gals - and a few great ones from UP - back home. Those at least will be CLEAN!! Anyway, here's what we have been feeding him now just so we have FOOD for him! :
  • Bananas
  • Spinach and potatoes
  • Butternut squash
  • Prunes
  • today we are adding carrots
  • and of course, formula and rice cereal all along
He (to date!) is NOT a picky eater, and in fact someone gave him a french fry (no not me, and no, don't ask) and he hated it (sorry, Uncle Phil!) - TG! Anyway, we also have a watermelon here and might try that if we don't have anything else to feed him. Actually, today we went to the "underground" market and bought some fruits and veggies (what an experience!!). But much of the veggies are not good for little people (red hot peppers, tomatoes, etc.). So, we got some carrots (I paid too much for them. 30 cents for two GIANT carrots), oranges (I have been drinking the HECK out of the fresh OJ here. They squeeze it on the spot), but the fruit is cheaper but 10,000 times, so we just got them, a pear, and a watermelon. We are going back later for rice, tofu, and some veggies to make for dinner. Which will be wonderful. I have had a difficult time eating here, as you may imagine, and am SOOOO ready for some REAL good food!!

Alright, that's that for now. Now I need to get back to my little Prince.


headache monkey said...

don't you worry about the fried goodies hon. a few years of football saturdays with the UP, and he'll be asking for cheese sticks and potato skins all the time.

come home.

p.s. today is officially migrane day here at the house. it'll be fun. wish you were here.

BMA said...

It breaks my heart to see his sad faces. Quit beating him, will ya? Nesh, you look GREAT as a mom!

Kathryn said...

keep all that attention coming - it's exactly what he needs. can't wait for your return!