Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm fianlly back - in my life

Hello bloggy people. wow. sorry about hte hiatus. It was unintentional, and frankly, unwanted. I hav eneeded the last week, however, to recooperate from being sick (I am finally feeling better!), from jet lag (I think it's still kicking my butt, but I'm starting to win), and I did indeed go back to work at 8:00 monday morning...last monday morning. I NEEDED to get back to work. I needed to get so sort of normal schedule established again. I am finally feeling human, and am so far backed up on email and phone calls it's not funny, but I am working at returning ALL the calls that have been placed to me, and then I will start in on my emails.

How is Minh doing? Everyone wants to know, right? In a word: perfect. This child is AMAZING. He really is wonderful, and easy, and a true joy. He's also a LOT of work, and keeps me so busy when I watch him I barely have time to eat or pee, but honestly, he is a true joy. I'll post some more pictures later this week. He's had a (dumb) haircut, and has put on a little weight, but other than that, he looks the same.

He took to our house like a duck to water. He came in and he now owns the place. He loves the dogs, and is just now starting to enjoy the cats (although in the case of the cats, the feeling is NOT mutual!). He has been feeding cookies to our red dog, who was very unsure of the baby at first, but now, Sheeba LOVES the baby! Minute eats half of his cookie and always feeds the other half to the dog. how can she NOT love that?!!

We were lucky enough to have my parents visit for 2 days recently. The Minute LOVED them (who wouldn't?!), and of course they loved him. I was just sorry the trip was so short. We are, however, planning a family vaca in Septemeber, so the fam will get to (re)meet Minh. I need to get this child used to water before we take him to the beach, however. As of right now, he just screams when he touches water... or when it touches him. Yes, that does make baths tricky... I think I just need to get into the water with him and maybe add some bubbles... We shall see how THAT goes over.

Ok, well, enough for now. I need to get back to work. I'll try to NOT take another full week off blogging again. And I'll keep the photos coming. 'Cause I know you love 'em!!


mindy said...

I'm so happy for you and that the transition has smoothed out for you. You've certainly been in a whirlwind! (but the best one possible)

Jill said...

So nice to see an update! We had the same bath time issue with Braden when we brought him home from Kazakhstan