Friday, July 18, 2008

another day, another city Down Under

Melbourne today, mates. Up at the ass-crack of dawn (seriously, I actually saw the full moon rise above my hotel room 'cause it was still full dark when I got out of bed. On a plane, off the plane. Into another meeting... a few quips about today:

Is it BAd when a) your taxi driver has a copy of the holy bible in the seat pocket of your taxi seat? and b) when you notice that in a bathroom stall there is a sharps container?? (you know, like for NEEDLES). My guess? Yes on both counts!!!

My host today was a petite, beautiful, chesty blonde. I'll call her Bambi. Bambi, while I am SURE is a WONDERUL person, CAN.NOT.DRIVE.TO.SAVE.OUR.LIFE. We got in her car about 10:30 a.m. today, and we drove around for 2 hours looking for our next meeting. She lives in this city, but does NOT know her way around, is UBER clueless about driving (much like my MIL), and had to call 3 different people for directions to the SAME PLACE..... poor girl. On the way back to my hotel, I was was telling her where to turn to get back - pretty sad, eh? Oh, and I was sea-sick/car-sick the ENTIRE ride 'cause she's one of those ladies who wears fancy paris perfume so that you can smell her coming 10,000 miles away. Y'all can smell her right now, I bet. If you give the air a sniff. I still smell like her, and I've been in the hotel and showered for an hour!!! oooh, I sound mean. Bambi is actually very nice and having a bit of a rough time as her Dad just passed away last month, so I was helping her out today in the meeting a lot. I eat guys like we had today for breky, and she was pretty nervous 'cause she's real new to the job. I promised her I'd take care of their questions and I did. Piece of cake.

I'm too damn tired to anything else today other than kick back, eat a bit of dinner, and then read a new (my fourth) book. I'm STARTING to get SUPER excited about VN now*, but alternate between waves of panic/nausea/ and fear. I'm also pleased that I get to see AH tomorrow. Our second date, in fact. And yes, ladies, this one is WITH OUT the wife!! Pretty steamy! We are having dinner together tomorrow. Then, he's asked me to a party for a friend on Sunday. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I only have 3 outfits for "fancy/nice" occasions, so I'll be SOL if things go well past Sunday!! What ever will I do?? Perhaps a bit of shopping will be in order tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing. This is the only place I have ever been where they drink more (and better) coffee than I do/we do in the States. I'm SOOOOO in love. I may just stay.... ok, no. But I do drink as much and as often as I can. Ok, ok. I'm fried. I need a glass of wine, some food, and BED!!

Tune back in tomorrow for the next installment.

PS - the picture above is the sun setting outside my hotel room... awfully nice!

* - more on VN tomorrow. Travel plans are made and laid. You aren't going to beleive the way things have turned out on the back end!! You'll have to wait to find out. my battery is low and I can't find my plug!!

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Anonymous said...

That is an awesome picture! Have fune down under.