Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are you tired of this look yet??

Tod and I had the best evening yet last night. We walked to a little French-style cafe where they serve crepes, ice cream, and coffee. Needless to say, they had my vote right away. The cafe has a covered patio, and we began the evening sitting there, with a cuppa and we totally ruined our dinner by ordering a 10 icecream sampler plater (for three!). The ice cream came as one small scoop of each ice cream on a large square plate, with 3 waffle cups with 3 kinds of drizzles - raspberry, chocolate, and strawberry - as well as fruit salad on the side. It was incredibly fun (we giggled about how silly we were being - eating ice cream for dinner!!), and as we sat there, the sky got darker and darker, the wind picked up, and a storm rolled in full force. The waitresses made us move inside, 'cause we had a baby, you see, and he might get damp in rain... so funny. So, in we moved. We watched the traffic get frantic as the rain began, and all hell broke loose. Wind, rain, lightning, and POW - the electricity in our ENTIRE block went out. It was awesome. The waitress all screamed and ran in circles (i kid you not!), and Minute took it all in like a champ. Didn't even blink. It was great fun. Then we had to leave, and the waitresses - who LOVE the little dude - made us take an umbrella - "for the baby". So, off we go, through the totally dark streets, trying to cross MAJOR traffic is bad during the day, but nearly insane at night with no lights!! But we did fine, and as we got closer to our hotel, we saw that the lights were out ALL the way UP to the hotel, but the hotel had power!! What luck!

Anyway, it was an easy night last night; the baby put himself to sleep about 9:30 and woke up briefly at 2:30, then slept all the way through to 8:00 this morning.

Also, yesterday he not only learned to crawl, but ALSO took his first steps! All in one day. Today he's walking with very little in one full day, he learned to crawl, take steps, and walk. He also added a new sound to the vocabulary. So, today is brought to you by the letter M. MMMMMM. M for Minute. Mom, and MORE!

Quick kiddo!! Next he'll be saying "gimme da keys, and some cash, Dad".

And yes, the outfit with the green shirt and red pants is awful. That's what I get for letting Tod dress the baby.

Ooooh, and Miss Kathryn, see the onsie??!!!


Betty Stoddard said...

Ice cream for dinner? Of course, that's the way we always do it here in Raleigh.

I love you, ya cute one. I love you, dear one. You're the apple of my eye, too!

Hugs...gentle ones and bear hugs, too! Gr-ma-mah' Bets

BMA said...

So, that's how you're gonna raise my grandson...on ICE CREAM FOR DINNER???

SO glad you're having fun.

They just don't get any cuter than Minh. WHat a treat to watch you all grow - MINHute by MINHute.

Anonymous said...

His smiles are getting bigger and bigger...he is sooo cute! Thanks for all the posts.

Kathryn said...

what an adventure! sounds like so much fun! and doesn't he look so adorable in the onsie? he is a star, indeed. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great story - I love ! Keep them coming.

Sounds like your little family is already having its fair share of adventures, huh?

can't wait to meet him!