Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Australian to English Dictonary:

[For the record, I've been out, lunched, and am on my way to my dinner party on a boat. Here's a picture of the River Yarra that we'll be cruising along tonight. Also, a picture of the money in my wallet (well, clearly it isn't IN my wallet at this exact moment or I couldn't have take this picture, could I?). Yeah. That's right.]

Ok, now for something a bit more fun than listening me grizzel (that means complain).
The Australian to English Dictionary. (Also know as - things I have since learned being here that would make my BFF U.P. laugh)

WARNING - these can be tasteless!!

  • A sparrow's fart - at dawn (as in "I was woken up by a phone call at a sparrow's fart")
  • Aggro - aggressive
  • Arsey - lucky (as in more arsey than brains)
  • Awning over the toy shop - beer belly (on a man)
  • bag o' fruit - a suit (as in clothes)
  • barbie - barbeque
  • barney - a fight
  • barrack - to support a sports team (My host barracks for the Swans - a local football team)
  • bee's dick - very small amount
  • bizzo - business (as in - ay, Mate. What's the bizzo?)
  • Bob's yer uncle - every thing is fine
  • boss cocky - employer
  • bum nuts - eggs
  • carpet grubs - children (I'm not even kidding, people talk like this!)
  • carry on like a pork chop - to be very busy
  • cheese & kisses - the wife
  • chuck a wobbly - throw a fit
  • crook - sick (I feel a bit crook)
  • dacks - pants
  • drongo - stupid person
  • dunny - toilet

Ok, I have to stop there. I'll add to my list as I walk around a bit. I have learned more than this, but let's just say MOST of the slang I have learned I can't in good conscience put down in writing!!


Kathryn said...

wow, i didn't realize it had been so long since i'd read your blog - you've posted a lot since my last visit! i'm sorry you've been lonely and sad. i shed a tear for you. (so hormonal!) anyway, just know you'll be off to the little minute soon. feel better.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, love the words. I did that too, when I lived in NZed. My favorite?

Cotton Buds = q-tips

Love ya,

Jane Hearne said...

So wonderful, he's totally handsome and cute, too and we're all so happy you finally worked through the barriers! Thanks to Linda for forwarding your blogspot and I'll send on to Damon, Megan, Carrie and Aron.

Much love to all, Jane Hearne