Sunday, July 27, 2008

Success! and more bragging on my kid

The pictures are from the orphanage. We were shepherded into a small conference room, and saw virtually nothing of the orphanage when we got there. The up side? They brought us Minh right away. We also were asked by a family back home to visit with their little person also here in Tam Binh. The director was very kind and allowed us to meet the baby and take some picture and send some good old fashioned love from NC. We do go back tomorrow for the official G & R ceremony. (more on this later in post)

Now, back in the hotel....Ok, so I KNOW NOTHING about taking care of a kid. Honestly, I figure, how hard can it be right? So, we've been doing really good so far. Minh, T, and I all hung out in the room just sort of letting him get used to us for about 3 hours. Then we decided that we would put on our uber cool Mya wrap (thanks again Britta!), and take a little walk. So, Minh was a CHAMP. He just hung out, looked at everything, and then crashed until we got back to our hotel room, at which point T and I were SOOO ready for a nap. It was not to be. Well, not for me anyway. We took Minh out of the wrap and he was instantly awake and ready to play. How do you say no to that?!

So, T thinks that the best way to bond is full-on no clothes and everyone hang out in bed (sorry, TMI?? It is pertinent to the rest of the story). I warned him that this was only bad news and at least a diaper would be a good idea.... (duh!). No, T was firm. We compromised; sweat pants, no diaper, no shirt. So, we are all in bed playing, I managed to feed Minute a bottle (yeah, that's right!! I did it!!!), and everything is going great until....well, he had a pee. On me. Not on Tod, of course who, BTW, is asleep by now. But right on me. So, I clean us both up and look for something else to put on the Minute. NOTHING I brought fits this child. EVERYTHING is too damn big. EVERYTHING. This kid has no hips or butt to speak of, and is so slim. He does have big hands and feet, so maybe he's like a puppy and will grow into them??!! Anyway, we have the G and R first thing to morrow a.m. and I have no clue what this child will be wearing. Oh, and yes, he has on a diaper now, BUT I can't be sure it's on right.... I don't know how these things work. Yes, it looks easy, but..... Well, I'll let you know when the next "surprise" happens and we shall see if the diaper is on right!!

Oh, and UP, you will be happy. This kid loves sports. I know b/c he keeps playing with the TV remote and turning on the sports channel. If CNN is on, he changes it. No kidding, it's uncanny.

Finally, I have said it already, and maybe you don't believe me, but this child is a dream. He is charming, he's soooo laid back, he is sweet, he chatters at/to us almost non-stop (he's already got da-da down. but not ma-ma yet...), he's got a sense of humor, and he is the smartest child I have ever met (sure sure. he's mine. of course he's smart... but seriously!! I've already taught him high 5!! He loves it. Phil, we'll be working on "touch down" next!). Anyway, he's standing up with the help of something to pull himself up on, but that's as far as it goes now. We haven't done much more than hang out in bed, so he may be doing back flips by this point, but I will have to wait to see them as he AND his pop are asleep now.


U.P. said...

all these other folks got to leave a message before me. stupid internet. stupid vonage.

anyway, got everything working this morning and was treated to a host of pictures of my new nephew. btw, i'd be happy if the kid liked ballet too. i not pinning (too many) of my failed dreams on him. he looks a bit overwhelmed in the first pics but i guess that makes sense.

oh and you have to take him to G and R today? i don't want to tell you how to raise your kid (unless i think you're doing it wrong) but axel rose is not a good influence for children. you keep him away from that boy. FOOT! DOWN!

ari said...

(Ari's typing her message to you all below...)


Jenny said...

it is about damn time you got that baby!!!!!

Serious congratulations to your family, we couldn't be happier for you.

xo-Jenny, Mimi and Cammie

Britta said...


Loving reading your posts and seeing your pictures. He is sooooo cute. That smile is precious.

I second Ari's comment :)


GRANDMA said...

wow. That's about all I can say right now. wow.

Judas said...

Awesome awesome awesome! We are sooOoOooOo excited! He's all superlatives. What a beautiful dimpled smile! Oh, and the naked bonding... that's a great idea. Next time you need to hold him over T so he bears the brunt of it. ;)

I can't wait to meet your little man. Did I say we would wait until our vacation? I was wrong. That's unreasonably long. We demand our nephew!

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys .. I am really happy for you .. What a long arduous Quest that was. and now the New one begins lol . a wonderful little boy to take care of. I Love little ones so much . Can't wait to meet him and read him little books.Love the pix, already printing them out here.. Nice you are all having so much fun can't wait to share .. Love Pop

Luke Ezra Bodenstein said...


he really is a sight to if only i could lose the nude bed bonding imagery...

i am quite sure that raising minh will be as rewarding as acquiring him was frustrating.

i hope to see all of you in september on the outer banks.