Friday, July 18, 2008

Down Under Randomness

So, I was up before the sun AGAIN today. I got out of bed about 6:15 a.m. I had been awake since about 15 til 6. My schedule for sleeping has been fairly messed up; not because the time change, that took me very little time to adjust to, actually, but b/c I've been up and out early by 7:00 or 7:30 every day, going non-stop until evening and then I crash! So I've been going to bed pretty early. Today is my first free day since I got here, and I had hoped to sleep in.... oh well. Maybe I'll try to catch a nap before date-night.

I haven't talked much about the country here, or the people. In fact, everyone is wonderful. People are nice, friendly, and the gents have a constant "frat-boy" mentality that actually suits me most of the time. I haven't once paid for a drink, a meal, or anything for that matter. It's all taken care of for me. My wine glass never has the chance to get low, which can be a problem, frankly!! There is a LOT of drinking at these functions I go to, and even at the fancy awards dinner I went to on sunday, the beer was flowing like the mighty mississip. I couldn't believe how much was consumed. I'm not a big drinker by nature, and find it increasingly difficult to have to "keep up"... however, since I don't have to wrry about driving or even finding my way home (if I'm out someone else takes me home, or I grab a taxi, so as long as I know my hotel, I'm in good shape), but still, I have a professional attitude I try to maintain!! So far I've been doing ok. I suspect it'll get harder now that I have evening social evens (including a cocktail party in my honor!! ) every night but Wednesday until I leave for Vietnam!! Well, suffice to say, I'll keep blogging away and I'll either be inebriated or hung-over, I suppose!

Ah, Vietnam. I had a dream last night about going to Vietnam. DH and I were there picking up The Minute. Minute looked just like his last picture and was still only 12 months old in the dream, but in true dream fashion, was a little different. In fact, Dream-Minute could walk and talk just fine. So, what I remember most was him crying when I picked him up, and held him to me, I said, "Minute, I am adopting you. That means I'm going to be your Mother". He stopped crying, grasped my hand in his little one and looked me in the face and said "Oh. Ok. I've always thought I wanted a Mom. I think you'll do just fine" And that was that. I awoke feeling that indeed all would be fine.

So, flight plans.... amazing the timing of all this, and b/c I had to leave immediately after finding out about our TA, DH agreed to finalize our plans. It appears that I will be flying out of Hanoi on the same flight (not the EXACT flight, obviously, but the same airline, same basic ticket) that I would have before. Meaning that I will still be flying executive class (that's first class to all you non-fancy-pants folks. ;}). By my self.... DH and Minute will catch another flight, with a different airline to go home. We still get home with in 30 minutes of each other, but I'll be flying separate from them. I think it's a mistake, and would have gladly traded my first-class seat in for a chance to fly home with the boys, but this is how DH set things up. I hope he knows what a challenge it is going to be flying home alone with a 13 month old in tow...But, I trust him, and if this is how he wants to do it, this is how he's going to do it! Should make for interesting stories when we get home, that's for sure!! I haven't really spoken to DH about this, we have talked very little since I've been here, but I've not talked to my parents but twice either. It's 6:30 p.m. your time as I post, and it's 8:30 a.m. here, so you see how the time change makes it difficult to call home and stuff!

Now, the pictures above: me looking dorky in a Melaluca (sp??) forest, and some pretty birdies I snapped a picture of at the park. I'll post more later, but the pictures are REALLY big (you can always click on them for a bigger view!!), so they take FOREVER to post, which is why you only get a few at a time. I HOPE to get to the zoo today for some marsupial hunting (I only shoot with the camera, of course!), so there should be more to look at when you get out of bed tomorrow!! Oh, and Jill, I'll make Aussie Hottie stand still for a photo today, sound good? If I can, I'll post tha tone too!!!

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