Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Aussie to English

OMG - Someone actually said "ooroo" to me today as I was leaving a meeting with them!! They really do talk like this. And UP, remind me, I've learned some good "naughty" words that I will refrain from putting on this site, but you WANT TO KNOW!!

  • Fred Nerk - your "generic" imaginary person, "oh, right. I suppose Fred Nerk did it." - hey don't ask me, I just listen and put them down. I don't actually make this up!
  • galah - silly person (I catually got called this last night by AH and had to ask what he was calling me!)
  • get a wiggle on - hurry up
  • gob - mouth (as in "shut yer gob!")
  • knackered - tired, exhausted (this actually has 2 meanings, I'll leave the 2nd one off)
  • nuddy, in the - naked
  • ooroo - goodbye
  • pack of poo tickets - toilet paper
  • pisser - very funny (this is a fav around here - "Oi, Mate, that story's a pisser".)
  • pong - bad smell
  • settle petal - relax
  • she'll be right - every thing will be ok (funny story about this. This is one of the quintessential Aussie phrases here, and the blokes were teaching me some of these the other night at the bar, so I used this at the end of my talk the other day and had everyone laughing so hard!! I guess it was funny to hear me with my slight Southern accent say "She'll be riiight, Mate." The boys loved it!)


BMA said...

"SLIGHT Southern Accent"? I'm guessing you've laid it on THICK while you've been Down Under. I hope they don't think we ALL say "y'all"!
Glad you're feeling UP and cheerful.(Remember Gemini has TWO sides at all times.) Leave 'em laffing!

EileenPagan said...

Trying to reach Tod- as we say here at the Home Depot-I have a quick question for him. (It could saves us thousands). I needed to know if there is a way to contact him.

philhouse van houten said...

having grown up watching alot of those britcoms on pbs, some of those phrases are familiar. others i had to try and figure out based on the context they were in. some of the jokes i've just gotten thanks to your translations.
i bet linda is right. you probably sound like scarlett o'hara right now.

i think tod is pretty much out of the availability loop. i could try and answer if that would help, but, i somehow doubt it would. but, if it's up high or heavy, i'm the guy for the job.

Susan, Matt, Mia said...

I have heard some sayings on Ellen and she had to figure them out. I never would have gotten them. I couldn't imagine listening to them talk for a couple of weeks.


B said...

Can't wait until you make that last big flight to your baby boy!

I have my first Aussie reader over at wonderandwait....are you checking from over there by chance?

Judas said...

Oh man, "pack of poo tickets"?? That's a classic. I am going to see how many of these I can work into my every day conversations.